Everyone at some point in their lives has dealt with a stressful situation. One can run, hide or sit and manage the stress to emerge the victor. A lot of knowledge is shared about stress over various types of media that are not backed by solid proof. In this article, we discussed some myths and facts about stress and the best ways on how to reduce stress.

Myth-1: Stress is the problem

Fact: Stress itself is not the problem, but is a symptom to let you know that there is a problem. It is a natural stimulus-response due to the external environment or your behavior. This problem is to be resolved as soon as possible.

How to recognize the problem :

Examine your recent behavioral changes, major life events, daily hassles you might encounter. These changes might be the cause of discomfort to your mind and body.

How to manage stress :

Day-to-day changes can make big differences to your mental health. Minor factors such as lack of time management or planning your schedule and changes in food habits could be the cause of stress. Get a planner that will get you organized and maintain a journal to introspect on your life.

Myth-2: Stress is an objective experience

Fact: It is common for the people to experience stress during specific periods in their lives, but it is the way one reacts makes the whole difference. Stress is not the same as any other physical disorder; it is an experience that is very much subjective.

How to mitigate these mistakes to avoid stress :

Better not compare and contrast yourself with others. Instead, analyze yourself and the situation on your terms.

How to manage stress :

Apply the problem-focused strategy of coping with stress. Try to channel your emotional responses to the active analysis of the problem. Positive attitude, relaxation exercises, balanced approach to life's ups and downs are some of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Stay strong.

Myth-3: You cannot measure or control stress

Fact: Levels of Stress hormones that include adrenaline, noradrenalin, cortisol can help you measure your stress levels partially. The measurement is not entirely accountable; it helps to get an idea about the extent of the problem.

How to recognize the problem:

Physical indications like heart rate, galvanic skin response, saliva are the indicators of increased cortisol levels.

How to manage stress :

Speak to your psychologist and eat healthy food to keep all hormones in balance. Practicing mindfulness exercises is an effective cure for stress and helps maintain a healthy heart rate.

Myth-4: Stress is always temporary

Fact: Stress can be chronic as well as acute, leading to a challenge, causing harm and becoming a threat.

How to recognize the problem :

An ongoing situation such as a bad job, abnormal sleep patterns, and a noisy neighborhood can cause chronic stress.

Chronic stress management :

Chronic stress asks for ‘demand- control- support.’ Make small changes in the situation or communicate the situation and discuss with your dear ones.

Myth-5: Indulgences are the best cure for stress

Fact: Indulgences like alcohol, smoking or eating may help you feel better, but they don’t actually cure the problem. They are behavioral responses that add stress susceptibility, but will not help cure stress. Prolonged indulgences could also lead to substance abuse and eating disorders.

How to reduce the stress :

Talk to a psychiatrist, if the stress is getting difficult to handle. Take care of both mind and body that work together when dealing with stress.

Myth-6: Lack of psychological symptoms means lack of stress

Fact: Psychological symptoms like fear and anxiety are the indicators of stress, while other physiological problems may arise if your defenses are high. Other stress symptoms may include Fatigue, insomnia, shakiness, common cold, Coronary heart disease, bowel issues, and the changes in the immune system as well as the endocrine system can also be caused by stress.

How to control stress :

Consult a doctor, if the symptoms of stress lead to the other signs of health problems.


Some myths about stress prevent us from living a healthy lifestyle. Besides, stress is, unfortunately, a part of everyone’s life. It cannot always be avoided but by making some changes in your life can help how to manage stress. Stay healthy!

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