Who doesn’t wish for a sparkling white tooth for a perfect smile? Having a proper oral hygiene routine is quintessential for healthy teeth and gums that offers a beautiful smile. Taking care of dental health is one of the most ignored aspects of many, and instead, people wake up only when the damage has been done. Apart from dental care, it is also essential to refrain from certain types of food for a healthy diet. Here is a list of the specific type of foods to avoid for good oral hygiene:

1. Ice cubes

Many love to chew ice cubes, especially on the summer afternoons that offer a cooling sensation and fun for a while but repeating the same can affect the teeth.

Since the cubes are hard to chew, it breaks down the enamel on teeth and leads to tooth decay. If you love ice, it is better to have in the form of crushed ice served in your favorite drinks.

2. Slice of lemon, orange or lime

The words of caution for those who prefer beverages is here. Acidic foods and drinks cause the enamel to break down. There is nothing better than pure water. Water must be consumed in natural form rather than of mixing anything.

Adding a slice of citrus food such as orange or lemon sure makes it tasty and attractive but can lead to wearing out of enamel. Moderation is the key, and hence these drinks should be enjoyed only occasionally.

3. Sugar in coffee

Drinking too much of coffee is harmful to dental health and adding the sugar in it can lead to cavities. Coffee leads to dry mouth, a primary reason for bad breath and can also cause stains on teeth.

If you are a coffee addict, make it a habit of consuming it without sugar as it is the right way of consuming! You can start reducing the amount of sugar gradually.

4. Sticky/ Gummy Food items

People love to gorge on delicious honey-dipped doughnuts, jellies, licorice sticks and sweet chili chicken wings. They taste good, but frequent consumption of these food items can affect oral health and overall health.

If one is not able to refrain from them, make sure to brush after having them; as a result, the food particles do not stick to your gums and teeth and help improve gum health.

5. Hard Candies

Children who are known for loving candies and lollipops. Sucking the lollipop exposes the teeth to sugar for a long time that leads to the cavity. Few people bite hard on the candies that can lead the teeth to fracture or chip and decay in the long run.

6. Soda

Even though many soda drinkers are aware of the effects of soft drinks on health, they never stop to prefer them. The high sugar level along with acid found in soda harms the enamel coat of the teeth and leads to several dental issues. Opt for a glass of water instead of choosing colas and other aerated drinks.

7. Alcohol

Everyone knows that the consumption of alcohol is harmful to our body, but it is a lesser known fact that alcohol can hamper dental health. Alcohol is known as dry mouth, as it reduces the production of saliva that leads to the formation of plaque and bad breath. This condition is a cause of poor oral hygiene that leads to gum and tooth decay.

8. Crackers

Specific food items are known for their refined carbohydrate content and crackers tops among that list! Though many people consider crackers as a lip-smacking savory or a healthy option, they are not. They transform into sugar which will ultimately lead to the cavity.

Many food choices and eating patterns can lead to the poor oral hygiene. Bacteria attack, plaque, and acids enhance the further damage. The common dental issues faced by people are cavities, tooth or jaw pain and gum diseases.

Taking care of the overall dental health is vital, and minor precautions mentioned above about how to take care of teeth and gums make dental care easy. Prevention is better than cure, and it applies to dental health as well.

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