Pregnancy is a God's gift to the women. Apart from, emotional stress during pregnancy is a common phenomenon that triggers women by many factors.

It might be due to the financial hiccups, and physical and internal hormonal changes in them.Excessive anxiety and stress during pregnancy effects on baby health in all ways.

Stress during pregnancy might result in:

  • A baby with low birth weight.
  • According to medical consensus, Premature delivery can be a dangerous issue since it is one of the most notable causes of disability and death in children.
  • Poor development in children's mental health and lower cognitive capabilities in their later life
  • Abnormal behavioural problems during childhood.
  • The premature birth of the baby that increases the probability of mother developing postpartum depression.
  • Increase in the susceptibility of the child to asthma and other allergic conditions during the childhood.

A pregnant woman is equally affected due to stress as is an ordinary woman. Prolonged stress results in both the physical (acne, hypertension, and gastritis) and mental (depression and insomnia) health hazards.

What Happens When Levels of Stress Increases ?

The science explains that, when the stress levels in mother increase, it results in the increased circulation of the stress hormone known as cortisol.

Cortisol is capable of crossing the placental barrier of the mother and reaches the fetus that leads to the changes in hormonal makeup. The outcome of this chain reaction is adversely seen in the fetal development of both the neurological and physical aspects.

Tips to Reduce Stress during Pregnancy:

For a healthy pregnancy and to avoid the postnatal depression, follow some simple natural stress relief tips like yoga followed by meditation that help you relax your mind and soul. Make sure you consult an expert yoga trainer to learn the postures that are suitable during pregnancy.

Try to maintain a healthy and happy environment at home and work. If you are a working woman, have a discussion with your boss about the work management during your pregnancy period.

If none of this helps you from the unwelcome stress, indulge your favorite hobby in your free time in keeping your mind occupied. For example, reading pregnancy books related help the expecting mothers to educate themselves about the challenges they are going to face.

Other pass-time hobbies such as listening to soothing music, playing an instrument of your choice, and watching a comedy TV show help uplift your mood.

Pregnancy is a privilege, only given to the female gender and should be proud to create life inside a very own self. Women should embrace this method of creation and enjoy the various changes they undergo, instead of stressing and worrying about it.

Eating well during your pregnancy period is prior that help you have a healthy baby. Nurturing happy thoughts and absorbing the positive vibes from your loved ones is one of the best stress management method for you and your baby-on-board!

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