Stress disorders not only are the causes of lifestyle diseases but also are the effects of general day-to-day routine. Severe stress symptoms can lower an individual’s productivity and those around them. Stress shows itself in many ways for an individual. In this article, we highlight the too much stress that affects the healthy lifestyle of an individual.

A. Consequences for an individual

    1. Physiological Symptoms:

    Initially, significant reasons for stress were directed to physiological problems. According to researchers, high degrees of stress follow severe anxiety, frustration, and depression.

    • Signs of Stress :
      • Irritability, loss of sleep, alcohol and food abuse.
      • Physical changes such as tensed muscles, rapid breathing, and heartbeat.
      • Skin issues, baldness and sexual problems such as impotence are the symptoms of prolonged stress.
    • Signs of Severe Anxiety :
      • Worrying too much, anger, nervousness, and loss of concentration or sleep.
      • Physical symptoms such as chest pain and dizziness.
    • Signs of Severe Depression :
      • A Feel of sadness, hopelessness, guilt, and worthlessness.
      • Loss of interest in hobbies, suicidal thoughts, and changes in appetite or weight can be witnessed.

    2. Psychological Symptoms:

    Consequences of stress not only aggravates physiological problems but also accounts psychologically. Lower self-esteem, reduced job performance, and dissatisfaction are some of the psychological symptoms of stress.

    The following are the symptoms of extreme stress that go with

    • Undereating
    • Overeating
    • Lack of sleep
    • Increased smoking and drinking
    • Drug abuse
    • Anger
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Nervousness
    • Irritability
    • Absenteeism and turnover
    • Reduction in productivity

    According to a study, stress had the most substantial impact on aggressive actions that could increase hostility and complaints. The fewer people have control over the pace of their work, the higher the stress and dissatisfaction.

B. Consequences for the Family:

Individuals handle too much stress in dysfunctional ways such as drug abuse or withdrawal behaviors that hurt their family life. The results can be seen in the form of, child abuse, alienation from family members and even divorce.

The following are the significant effects of stress in family life: In families where parents are working, personal commitments such as balancing work and family life and discharging duties towards children might be demanding. Various stress experienced by them stems from work overload as both of them need to manage their careers.

C. Consequences for the Organisations:

A stressed employee can be fatal to an organization as the effects of stress are many and varied. The below listed are some of the stress-related illness that includes:

  • Poor performance and lower productivity.
  • A high rate of absenteeism.
  • Loss of customers due to the poor attitudes of workers.
  • Increased alienation of the worker from the job.
  • Destructive and aggressive behaviors can result in strikes and sabotage.

A stressed employee such as a pilot or a train driver could result in the loss of many lives. Similarly, an employee’s stress could cost a lot to an organization.

Though, stress results from various cases and the consequences are worrisome. It is best to practice effective stress management techniques that help in overcoming stress and havening a healthy lifestyle.

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