People who have undergone the major causes of stress can know its effects on everyday life. Stress is apparent from minor pressures that go ignored to rare traumatic situations. Many grieve from a mental breakdown, and diseases when they are unable in dealing with stressful situations.

But, what are the common causes of stress?

Each one has different stress triggers. A standard task for an individual can turn out to be a stressful task for other. Let us explore the various common causes of stress.

1. Work Stress

According to surveys, work stress tops the list as most of us spend utmost of our lives at work. Possibly, it is unsurprising that the workplace is a crucial source of stress. Professional stress does not only affect the individual in question but can also affect the organization.

Decreased output, frustration, prolonged arguments; relationship with a colleague, and the list is never-ending. Drawing a line between professional and personal front is essential. Resisting the urge to catch up with work at home can help prevent workplace stress from spilling into other areas of one's life.

2. Stress in Social Life

To match the output delivery of peers encompassing a person, the pressure to confirm one's presence in a circle causes stress. An aspiration towards ideals plus success fostered by the media can be unrealistic and unhelp.

People often envy when their surrounding group of people excels in life and when they don't. It turns out to be a vital stress factor. Individuals take it as baggage to prove their worth to the social circle one is into. It is essential to avoid such thoughts and believe in one's capacity and ability to work.

3. Stress due to Health

Unavoidable fear of the well-being of loved ones or a friend's health leads to the frequent causes of stress. Undergoing illness, plus loss of control over situations are the notable effects of stress on health can drive to a persistent worry.

An individual concern more about viable current and future situation. Besides, stress induced by health worries can direct to the problems. Psychologically, the general adaptation syndrome drains our energy reserves that help cope with a stressful situation. The health concern is essential, but excessive worry can turn into unmanageable stress.

4. Stress due to Financial Worries

Financial worries, one of the important common causes of stress, affects most of us and cause additional stress. It will become a burden on the person and the people close to them.

The idea of living luxuriously, increasing bills, loans and the credit card bills helps create a reason for financial insecurity. In a marriage, the stress of financially supporting a spouse is another factor contributing to stress. If left unattended, financial worries might have a big impact on life.

5. Stress due to Past Events

The tragic events of the past are a vital source of stress. In general, people are hindered in past experience, and traumatic stress can continue to influence for years. Post-traumatic stress affects current life.

Unproductive days, laziness, drowsiness, irritation, and anxiety are some of the common syndromes.

6. Stress due to Changes in life

Getting a new job and moving home are some of the most stressful life events one can undergo. More often than not, any situation that requires change, whether positive or negative can be a source of stress. A sudden change in the daily routine and the difficulty of adapting to the circumstances lead to stress.

One should always practice effective stress management techniques to avoid unnecessary stress. The sooner the one identifies the causes of stress, the healthier it is.

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