Bad breath is one of the most annoying and yet a quite common issue people face around the globe. There are many reasons for bad breath and can differ from person to person. Bad breath might be temporary in few, but permanent in others, known as chronic halitosis, which is the most common causes of bad breath. The following are some of the common causes of chronic bad breath that can surprise you.

  • 1. Decaying food particles in the mouth
  • Due to lack of brushing and flossing, the food particles might stick in the teeth that help to build-up the bacteria. As a result, it leads to the tooth decay and gum disease leading to chronic bad breath. For people with braces, if dentures are not cleaned properly, it can also lead to bad breath.

  • 2. Food with strong flavor/ Odour
  • Specific ingredients such as garlic and onion are commonly used in most of the recipes that give strong flavors and odors. Including these ingredients in recipes help improve digestion, but they leave an unpleasant and bad smell from mouth even after hours. Besides, both garlic and onion can leave you with bad body odor too.

  • 3. Low carb diet
  • There are the chances that one can suffer from bad breath when going with a low carb diet plan for weight loss. Being on the low carb diet for long or fasting, will force the body to break down the accumulated fat to get the energy that releases ketones causing bad breath in the mouth.

  • 4. Dry Mouth
  • Extreme dry mouth is yet another contributing factor to bad breath. Saliva helps in neutralizing the acids produced by plaque and remove food particles stuck in the mouth that can’t happen with the lack of saliva. Xerostomia is a medical condition can lead to lack of Saliva. Salivary gland issues or certain medications can cause lack of saliva.

  • 5. Consumption of Tobacco
  • Consuming tobacco products or smoking can lead the mouth smell like an ashtray which is another source of extreme bad breath. Also, intake of these products in the long term can lead to stained teeth and also one of the reasons for dry mouth resulting in bad breath.

  • 6. Intake of Alcohol
  • Excessive alcohol consumption leads the body to release metabolized products of the alcohol through lungs and sweat that makes one feel dehydrated and also the reason for a very dry mouth. As a result, excessive drinking causes bad odor from skin and mouth as well.

  • 7. Diabetes
  • People who have uncontrolled diabetes have higher chances of suffering from severe bad breath known as a ketosis breath, as their body starts burning fat instead of the glucose.

  • 8. Other health conditions
  • Many other health conditions such as Respiratory tract infections, tonsil stones, liver and kidney failure, and a digestive disorder like Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD can be the causes of chronic bad breath.

These are the most common reasons responsible for causing lousy breath either in short or long term. Consult a doctor and take necessary precautions if the symptoms persist and get rid of bad breath.

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