Stress in any form is bad for our health. When it starts claiming the lives of students, it becomes bad for the society as well. So, what are the causes of stress in students? The answers to this question can open a Pandora’s Box.

Problems with the education system

India places great emphasis on academic excellence. The education system is such that students need to score abnormally high marks to gain admission to professional courses like medicine and engineering.

How high is high?

This question is a million-dollar question. Today's educational system is such that anything less than 98 to 100% of marks are not enough to secure admission to medical and engineering colleges.

What does this imply?

Have the standards of medical and engineering colleges improved to such an extent? Has the calibre of students increased to such high levels? Unfortunately, the answer to both the questions is NO.

What is the reason?

Nevertheless, it's a proven fact that the parental pressure on students academic performance to score high grades for the excellent chances of getting into college.

Academic excellence is more elevated in a large number of students when one concedes the standards of education equally with the participation in extracurricular activities.

Avoid the academic pressure on students that lead to the exam fears and phobias, as every child cannot cope up with stress.

Effects of stress on students academic performance:

Students are under high-pressure today. An achievement in the range of 75% grades was excellent in India in early 1970's and 1980's. But, one can see in the present educational system that the students apply for revaluation even after scoring the excess of 95% of an academic score to gain the admission in the best colleges to professional courses.

Also, failure is one of the most primary causes of stress in student’s life which leads to traumatic stress disorder. Hence, one can even find an increase in the numbers of students committing suicide.

Too much academic stress among students such as switching off cable TV connections and social media blackouts can lead them to educational stress and exam phobia.

Solution to the problem:

You can solve this problem in two ways.

  • Revamp the education system:
  • The present education system should be revamped by bringing out the creativity in students. Focusing on how to formulate and solve the problem are the two most strengthening aspects that help to avoid stress in students.

  • Change in the mindset:
  • Rather than threatening, encourage your kids, help them with their schoolwork, support their passion, and discuss the various thoughts and concepts with your children this would help them achieve success in their lives and nurtures the healthy relationship between parents and kids.

Final words:

Both the parents and students should learn to explore the various options that help reduce a lot of burden on their slender shoulders, and it is one of the best ways to overcome stress for students.

For more stress management methods and tips, refer “Study Stress Infographic — 15 Things You Need to Know”. Here is the link

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