Since the earliest days of Yoga, physical exercise is the cure for many ailments; be it stress or any other mental issues. Predominantly, breathing exercise is an essential part of yoga helps improve your both mental and physical health. In this article, we emphasized the calm and deep breathing exercises for stress relief.

Calm or deep breathing is nothing but a breathing process that helps you relax when you feel stressed or anxious. In general, when an individual is stressed or anxious, the breathing system changes too, which is called ‘over-breathing.' Deep and calm breathing exercises act as the best stress management techniques that help you relax and relieve tensions.

Types of breathing exercise to reduce stress:

The following are the four different types of breathing exercises such as belly breathing, 4-7-8 breathing, roll breathing and morning breathing. These breathing techniques are efficient and different from one another.

1. Belly Breathing

Belly breathing, a primary type of breath work and is one of the best and natural relaxation techniques for stress that help you calm your panic reactions. This exercise help strengthens your diaphragm muscles and reluts in efficient breathing. Follow the simple steps as mentioned below

  • Lie flat on your back or sit straight.
  • Place one hand on your belly; just below the ribs and another hand on your chest.
  • Take a deep breath through nostrils and push your stomach slowly. Note, your chest should not be moved.
  • Breathe out through the mouth and watch your belly movement.
  • Repeat this for about 3 to 10 times a day.

2. 4-7-8 Breathing

4-7-8 Breathing exercise is one of the natural stress management techniques and is another kind of belly breathing. This exercise helps you deal with food cravings and promotes better sleep. One can do this by lying down or sitting straight. The following steps can help you do better.

  • At first, place one hand on your belly and the other on your chest.
  • Inhale a deep breath slowly through your nostrils and push your stomach along. Count to 4 as you breathe in.
  • Hold your breath and count from 1 to 7.
  • Slowly let your breath out through your mouth by making a count from 1 to 8.
  • Repeat this breathing technique for at least 3 to 8 times a day.

3. Roll Breathing

Roll breathing, are powerful lung exercises is one of the best deep breathing techniques that act as tension free and help you feel relaxed. Follow the steps as mentioned below.

  • At first, place your left hand on your belly and right hand on chest.
  • Breath in slowly through your nose as your stomach pushes up whereas your chest not.
  • Breath out through your mouth and repeat this for 3 to 8 times.
  • In the second phase, take a deep breathe as your chest moves, while your belly does not. Now breathe out, make a ‘whoosing’ sound with your lips.
  • Repeat the whole process for 3 to 5 times a day.

4. Morning Breathing

Morning breathing exercise, as the name suggests, to practice when you first woke up early in the morning. This exercise is one of the stress reduction techniques relieves not only your stress but also relaxes your muscles.

  • From a standing position, bend forward folding your waist, and your knees slightly bent. Make sure your arms should touch the floor.
  • Inhale slowly and deeply. Return to the standing position slowly this way.
  • Hold your breath for a few seconds in the standing position.
  • Exhale slowly as your bend again.
  • Repeat this exercise until you are free from your tension and stress.


In the midst of our hectic modern life, stress is something we cannot cut off. In fact, the above mentioned four stress relief exercises as a regular practice improve your health and act as the best ways to relieve stress.

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