Yoga, a spiritual and physical discipline, came into existence 5000 years ago. In fact, yoga is a science that creates a perfect balance between mind and body. It helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In the currently active and demanding life style, one should practice yoga for stress relief.

Certain precautions must be followed to reap the health benefits of yoga. Besides, how does yoga act as a natural stress and anxiety relief?

Yoga works on both the mind and body, breathing is one of the aspects that control your mind and body. Thus, one can focus on three parameters – body postures, breathing, and meditation while practicing yoga.

When one is experiencing the anxiety or stress, the levels of cortisol increases. Cortisol is the stress hormone that hampers your performance during stressful situations. When practicing yoga, it reduces and curbs cortisol production.

For the best stress relief, one should incorporate the following yoga exercises into your lifestyle:

  • Body Postures
  • Different types of yoga poses or yoga asanas act as natural stress relief and help in curing physical and mental ailments. Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga poses are the two most popular types of Yoga combine the body postures and breathing exercises for the most extensive benefits.

  • Breathing
  • By controlling your breathing pattern, one can reduce stress and anxiety levels. Pranayama is the branch of Yoga that focuses on breathing exercises, and further, while practicing postures, breath control plays a vital role.

  • Meditation
  • Meditation is the art of inculcating awareness that helps your mind not to clutter with zillion thoughts. Thus, resulting in not to experience stress. Meditation, along with controlled breathing, can reduce stress levels.

Health Benefits of Yoga

  • Physical endurance and strength by practicing Yoga postures.
  • Increased flexibility due to stretching exercises.
  • Improved breathing due to Pranayama. It maximizes oxygen utilization and blood circulation.
  • Improves metabolism for better digestion of food. This also helps in losing weight and better nutrient absorption.
  • Increases stamina and athletic ability.
  • It is beneficial to plan yoga for weight loss effectively.
  • As it strengthens muscles, the risk of injury also reduces.
  • It helps in managing chronic health conditions like blood pressure and heart problems.
  • Acts as one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Precautions while doing Yoga

One should follow precautions while practicing yoga for stress relief efficiently. These precautions will prevent any injury or adverse effects of yoga on your mind and body.

  • Always use the yoga mat, when practicing yoga stretches.
  • Learn from reliable sources or practice under a trained instructor.
  • Professional advice is essential for pregnant women and patients suffering from osteoporosis and back problems.
  • Consult a doctor or Yoga expert before beginning Yoga.
  • Wear comfortable clothes for better mobility.
  • Do not practice Yoga after having your food except for Vairaasana and Gomukhasana.


Yoga is highly recommended for stress and anxiety relief. Most of the healthy people vouch for yoga to attain wellness. Include Yoga in your lifestyle for optimum physical and mental health levels.

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