Health problems are not only related to bacteria or viruses but also stress that can damage the body's defense mechanism in which the body is no longer capable of handling disease. As a result, it becomes susceptible to germs in the environment. Since stress is a contemporary phenomenon, it can play havoc with the body's ability to ward off diseases. Below stated are the five stress symptoms and effects of modern lifestyle on health.

1. Insomnia

Stress is prime responsible for people who stay awake late in the night. The usual causes are the worry, anxiety, or uncertainty about the future. A few concern about their jobs, while some fears over family issues or health problems.

A plethora of reasons results in a stressful lifestyle. If left untreated, it can interrupt regular day-to-day activities or delay sleep.

It is advisable to drink a glass of milk before going to bed, to reduce the sleepless nights that induced by stress. Besides, it is best to avoid caffeine before sleep.

One should maintain cleanliness and avoid television in the sleeping room to ignore the thoughts of negative issues. Dramatic programs and negative emotions can increase stress.

2. Eating Disorders

Most of us encounter the urge for something sweet and tasty when in stress. Majority of the population react to stress by reaching out for sweets or carbohydrate-laden foods for a quick sugar rush. This will cause a spike in blood sugar which is sure to plunge afterward. It can leave one feel worse than before.

If stress causes nibbling, opt for crisp veggies or something crunchy like butter popcorn. The fiber in such foods will make one feel full and not contribute to weight gain.

Avoid tempting intentions towards cookie jar or candy counter. Maintaining a balanced diet will help calm the nerves under stressful situations.

3. Depression

Feeling anxious, hopelessness, and unresolved? Perpetuating sadness, troubled thinking, preferring loneliness, struggling with guilt or shame? There are the chances that, one is battling a severe case of depression related to stress.

Illnesses caused by stress may seem unrelated. There is often a cause and effect relationship between stress and conditions, such as depression. It is always advisable to have a closer look and go of stress management.

4. Anxiety and panic attacks

Frequent anxiety disorders and panic attacks have a stress-related connection. Those who are struggling with unwanted situations may experience high levels of stress. It can manifest in nervousness and fear.

Careful analysis indicates that stressful situations can be the cause of these disorders. If the chaos continues to occur, it is better to consult a psychologist or counselor to deal with root issues.

5. Circulatory problems

Stress can tighten up the arteries and veins; this condition could lead to a complicated situation. Compression reduces blood flow throughout the body. In response, it can create problems such as blood clots, poor circulation or even strokes.

You should consult a doctor or a consultant for your relief. In addition to a hot shower, drinking hot beverages and mental relaxation therapies can give a stress relief.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always favorable to drive away the underlying problems of stress.

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